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Double Coated Scrim Tape


Our Double Coated Scrim Tape (DCST) is a PES/PVA Scrim coated on both sides with an aggressive, modified Acrylic Adhesive. The adhesive system of this double coated tape is extremely aggressive, and will bond well to nearly all materials; even to difficult surfaces like foams, PE and PP films. It has good temperature, UV, aging, and water vapor resistance.


  • Used for permanent bonding of plastic, metal and wood (P.M.W.) surfaces.
  • Primarily designed for use in bonding carpet and plastic baseboard molding to walls, ceilings, modular units, etc.

Physical Properties:

Backing PES/PVA Scrim
Adhesive Modified Acrylic Adhesive
Total Thickness 10 mm exclusive of liner
Adhesion 105 oz./inch
Adhesive Weight 220gm/m²
Temperature Resistance -40°C to +95°C Continuous (up to +120°C short term)


  • The physical properties listed above are typical test results obtained from a series of laboratory tests and should not be used for the purpose of writing specifications.
  • CCOS assumes no risks and liabilities in connection therewith.

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